I started this blog in 2010 when there were 11 weeks to go before my next Ironman triathlon. People have found it interesting (mainly my Mum!) so I continue to write.
The Ironman is a long distance triathlon; Swim 2.4miles, Cycle 112miles, Run 26.2 miles (marathon). I have competed in one every year since 2004. I hope this blog can help others see what is involved. I find the process of writing it makes me more accountable and motivates me to do the harder sessions when i'm not feeling like it!

Transition bags

Thought it would save me time if I wrote what I put in my transition bags from last time. Each time it takes me hours checking and rechecking - there are horror stories of people forgetting to put their cycling shoes in - one Japanese man at the Australian ironman had to do the cycle in bare feet!

You are given three bags at registration - White, Blue and Red. You stick your number on them and pack them with your various changes. Assuming you arrive in normal clothes on race day , you would get to your bike about an hour from the start with your swim stuff in your white bag. Make your checks, blow up tyres (assuming they didn't burst in the sun the previous afternoon - you can hear this going on at hot races the afternoon before) and put anything on your bike you need to - computer, drinks, tool kit etc,

Then swimming stuff comes out of white bag to be put on and clothes and pump go into white bag to be dropped off.
Do swim and go into T1 (transition 1) collect BLUE bag (Blue for bike) empty this put bike stuff on and put swim stuff in blue bag.
Do cycle get back and go into T2 - usually same place, collect RED (run) bag. Cycle stuff goes in this.

People are there to help but with the best will in the world usually get in the way.

The last race my first packing of the bags saw me put the bike stuff in the red bag and the run stuff in the blue. You are not allowed to go back into your bags once they are given in the day before.

White bag

HR monitor strap
Tri shorts
Tri Top
Disposable shoes
Hat (swim x 2) 
Timing chip
Wet suit
Lubricant - body glide, spray oil

Blue bag
Race number on belt
Cycle hat - inspected with number on
Cycle shoes (could have on bike) - body glide on heel
Gel - one per hour
Asthma spray
Micro pump (prob better on bike)
?quick puncture fix
Gloves - put on in transition!
Bike "PJs" to cover bike overnight

Red bag
Trainers - (elastic laces?) with orthotics (taped down)
Fuel belt - 1 gel hour + salt + asthma spray
Socks (?some Vaseline)
(Drink bottle with carbs already in)
Paracetamol&codeine, ibuprofen
Double sided tape to stop orthotic moving

So that's it, other things you may take down on the morning are;

carrier bags to put wet suit on
carbohydrate drink to sip on
pump (with extension if deep rim wheels)
insulation tape
head torch
bike computer
medications (inhaler) caffeine - put on bike
aero bottle full - elastic bands/tape to secure it
on bike tool kit
bike bottle full
elastic bands to attach shoes if leaving on bike
make sure back wheel quick release pointing backwards and as tight as it can go (can hit it with feet)
Keep chain at tightest - big cog front and back (so doesn't bounce off when running)

if i've forgotten anything please say and i'll up date it.

Only other thing if this is a final check list is photo id for registration

It's two weeks to go and i've been having a few thoughts about transition -
What I want to do is slow down - in previous years everyone is going crazy, and your thinking have I forgotten anything etc. So I want to know exactly what I am going to do and I think having only a couple of things to do/put on in transition is the key. The rest of the stuff I want to pick up, put in a pocket and get out whilst moving through/later on.

So will try and do this;

Take swim hat and goggles off
Take shoes off if have got them back from the swim start/finish
Take wet suit top off leaving hat and goggles in the sleeve!
Roll wet suit down body as far as it will go (ankles) before taking off - will use spray on cooking oil if can get it. (must try to see if this works)

Don't sit down

Then moving down body;
1. Cycle hat on
2. Grab rolled up stuff and get moving slowly, whilst moving;
a. put number belt on (could have this on already - but could get in way and don't really want it acting like a parachute on the bike fixed to top at four corners
b. put asthma spray and gloves in pocket
3. Get to bike (cycle shoes already on)
Put gloves on when get chance, no rush.
(may put swim shoes on for run to bike if feel it will be advantageous)

Coming in from bike
Gloves off, garmin off (lots of people forget their watch), feet out of shoes
Give bike to bike catcher
In T2
Moving down body again
Helmet off - certain rules about when this can come off - not sure
Turn number round - people will stop you and make you do it if you forget

Empty bag on floor, sit down
1. Dry feet, socks on, shoes on
2. Pick up rolled up stuff and get moving again slowly
Sort out stuff on the move as I get the chance
Hat on, Into back pocket - Meds/Gels x 4/Sachet of sun cream. Carry running drink bottle with carbs in.
This year will probably not use a fuel belt.

Think that is it - will have to practice (have never practiced before) I usually loose 5-10mins on people when you add up these two transition area time, which is just plain daft.