I started this blog in 2010 when there were 11 weeks to go before my next Ironman triathlon. People have found it interesting (mainly my Mum!) so I continue to write.
The Ironman is a long distance triathlon; Swim 2.4miles, Cycle 112miles, Run 26.2 miles (marathon). I have competed in one every year since 2004. I hope this blog can help others see what is involved. I find the process of writing it makes me more accountable and motivates me to do the harder sessions when i'm not feeling like it!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

2km drill

Night shift last night so just some drill work. For once I did all my drills;
Single arm, 5 strokes/breath, Clenched fist, Sighting L&R, Paddles, Pull, Kick, Catch up, Side swimming, no arms drill, Band round ankles, backstroke and butterfly. Phew.

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