I started this blog in 2010 when there were 11 weeks to go before my next Ironman triathlon. People have found it interesting (mainly my Mum!) so I continue to write.
The Ironman is a long distance triathlon; Swim 2.4miles, Cycle 112miles, Run 26.2 miles (marathon). I have competed in one every year since 2004. I hope this blog can help others see what is involved. I find the process of writing it makes me more accountable and motivates me to do the harder sessions when i'm not feeling like it!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Finally made the half hour straight. Ran the 3.5km there and back to try and get used to running fairly hot and tired.
Doubling the amount of water I took in helped (1.5L)
It's great that there's a creche for Will, I wouldn't like to leave him any longer than 30mins but he has a good time.
After 30mins I ran home (slowly). It's interesting to see the heart rate climb steadily - I wonder if this means around 40mins i'd be anaerobic?

I used to go to a class in London called yoga for cyclists. It's run by Rebecca who is an absolute expert and ex professional dancer. Carrying on the running theme I ran there and back - 7km each way.

I'm trying to do a fair bit of run volume over the next few days. Just slowly and spaced out. I've also entered a 10km on Sunday (a club race) and am planning to do a turbo before it and just do it around ironman pace. I listened to a interview with the inventor of the yasso 800 - http://www.bartyasso.com/ and have got a bit of running motivation going again. He's done a multiple ultra marathons - I don't know much about this and how you would go about training for them. I was interested to hear it's more about running 20milers on consecutive days than going out and doing mega long runs that just wipe you out. I've been worried about the wipe out factor so will bring a bit of this ideology into my training.

Total distance today = 21km

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