I started this blog in 2010 when there were 11 weeks to go before my next Ironman triathlon. People have found it interesting (mainly my Mum!) so I continue to write.
The Ironman is a long distance triathlon; Swim 2.4miles, Cycle 112miles, Run 26.2 miles (marathon). I have competed in one every year since 2004. I hope this blog can help others see what is involved. I find the process of writing it makes me more accountable and motivates me to do the harder sessions when i'm not feeling like it!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sauna (am)
30mins (top shelf, no breaks)

Core exercises
Added in "single leg swiss ball hamstring curls" to the usual session. These are absolute killers. The link is a bit naff but is demonstrates it well.
This was all super difficult with the added resistance of Will jumping on me. He seemed to know the exact time and place to come and sit on me - he was very amused!

Swim (pm)
200m warm up
15 x 200m at 60 strokes a minute.
Cool down
- I've opted for strokes per minute instead of a speed. I think this is more important for a sea swim which I have little experience of and demands the higher rate.
- I was quite lethargic for this session initially but it came together quite quickly.

The sauna was fun. The steam room was broken so there was me and 6 Jamaicans packed into the tiny room - they were putting the world to rights.

I've giving up using the calorie counting app - it didn't change what I did and despite being easy took too much time.

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