I started this blog in 2010 when there were 11 weeks to go before my next Ironman triathlon. People have found it interesting (mainly my Mum!) so I continue to write.
The Ironman is a long distance triathlon; Swim 2.4miles, Cycle 112miles, Run 26.2 miles (marathon). I have competed in one every year since 2004. I hope this blog can help others see what is involved. I find the process of writing it makes me more accountable and motivates me to do the harder sessions when i'm not feeling like it!

Saturday, 30 July 2011


40minute easy cycle - pretty happy with position - no changes made. Felt comfortable, could spin well. If anything just needing to mentally think keep left knee from drifting in.

Packed all the transition bags - not much difference from last year - see the link above. To help make my transitions fast I don't have much in the bike and run bags. Consequently there is a lot to have in the white "street wear" bag at the start.

Ella and I have had a lot of help this year and we are very grateful. George is staying with my Mum and Bill and will be coming up on the day of the race. At the hotel Jane and David (Ella's parents) are being brilliant and can take Will off our hands which really helps with everyone's stress level.

I had to go to the compulsory race briefing at 5pm - everything was similar to previous years. The only thing of note was the organiser saying there was the same amount of climbing on the bike course as going up Everest. Ella pointed out to me that he was probably confusing feet and metres.

In McDonalds afterwards (not for me!) a canadian competetor was buying a big mac - this was to go in his special needs bag! His plan was to have it 80miles into the bike course tomorrow. It was his "secret weapon".

Made my drinks up today as well.  

Carbo-loading in the morning - the best protocol i've found is 6g/kg of carbohydrate in divided doses over 4hours - this keeps your insulin levels high for the duration. It would probably be better to have done this a day or two before after a session with a bit more intensity??? The remaining 4g/kg of carbohydrate  (to make the recommended 10g/Kg) comes from normal diet.
I wimped out and had 300g instead of 400g - no real reason - just such a diversion from normal to get all those calories down.

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